Buying vs Leasing
Looking for a new vehicle to add to your household is exciting. From a sedan to commute to the city, to an SUV to keep up with your errands around Wesley Chapel, Tampa, and Crystal Springs, Florida, there is one decision that all drivers make: should you buy or lease?
Our team at Mazda of Wesley Chapel has taken it upon ourselves to break down all of the information about buying vs leasing before you sign the papers on a deal.
Why Choose to Buy?
To buy a vehicle is to have full ownership. When buying, you are committing to long-term ownership of the vehicle of your choice, which grants you the flexibility to own your vehicle the way you want.
Buying is a great option for those looking to customize their vehicle. For example, you can custom factory order a Mazda vehicle to be the color you want and be equipped with the available features that interest you. Interested in elevating your Mazda’s sound system to 12 Bose® speakers? You can do so, and more when choosing to buy.
The total ownership that comes with buying allows for unlimited travel. For our drivers who spend a good amount of their day behind the wheel, the flexibility in mileage may be best for you.
Buying a Car
Leasing Paperwork
What Does Leasing a Car Mean?
Leasing is like renting a car for a specified period, typically a few years. During that time, you can enjoy driving the vehicle for the set number of miles agreed upon when you sign your lease deal.
Since you are only covering the costs of the vehicle’s depreciation during the term of your lease as opposed to its total value, many leases provide an attractive monthly payment. Caring for your car is relatively easy when leasing because you will only have it for those first couple of years, which is when limited maintenance is required.
The total ownership that comes with buying allows for unlimited travel. For our drivers who spend a good amount of their day behind the wheel, the flexibility in mileage may be best for you.
Why Choose to Lease?
When choosing to lease, you agree to short-term ownership of a newer model. Leasing opens up your options financially when looking for a new vehicle.
Drivers enjoy leasing because of the flexibility. Vehicle technology and design constantly advance, and models are upgraded yearly with the newest bells and whistles. When leasing, you can experience modern advancements as they come.
You also get to experience the benefits of youth in vehicles when leasing. Younger models require less maintenance attention, so you can lessen your time in the shop. With the lease meaning that the dealership has partial ownership of your vehicle, there may be included benefits and warranties with the lease of your new vehicle.
If you grow attached to your vehicle over the term of your lease, you can choose to buy the model at any time. Leasing gives you time to feel out the ride before choosing to commit to long-term ownership.
Finance Team
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Buying and Leasing at Our Finance Center
Whether you are interested in buying, leasing, or deciding between the two, our financing team can help you throughout the process. By stepping into our dealership, checking out your options, test-driving your top picks, and then coming to a decision, one of our financial experts can lay out your options based on your preferences.
You can have a one-on-one discussion about your lifestyle and ideas and receive guidance on what option may fit best with your ideas. Once you come to a plan, you can drive away with a thorough understanding of your payment plan.
Check out our online financing tools to explore your options and get an idea of what may work best for you before even stepping foot at our dealership. The Value Your Trade feature can give you an estimate on your current ride if trading in. Once confident, you can complete a financing application online to see if you qualify for pre-approval!
Get Financed at Our Dealership!
Buying vs leasing, have you decided which works best for you? Whatever your answer, our team at Mazda of Wesley Chapel is ready to help you with your new vehicle journey.
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